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Did my first deal as an F&I manager!!!!!

Mr. And Mrs. Popejoy , new to our area were patient as could be and gave me the opportunity to finalize their purchase of this nice F-150. This is a great start to my new position and I’m excited as can...

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2020 GT500 at the track

I can’t wait to see the numbers this car lays down Its one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year and the most anticipated by Ford!! This car will be iconic and will be on showroom floors before we know it...

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Have You Heard About The Ford F-150 Mad Rock From Rocky Ridge?

If you have yet to hear about the newest lifted Ford truck, it may be because it literally made its debut in September of this year! That's right, if you are a truck enthusiast or a person who wants the best...

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Rain Can Be an Enemy for Your Engine

One would probably think that rain could not do too much damage to your vehicle, but surprisingly, it can.To be honest, anything excessive can be an issue and this goes for rain as well. Any car is...

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How Much Should You Put Down on A New, Used or Leased Car?

The most common way to purchase a vehicle is through financing it. Car loans account for almost 90 percent of new car purchases and over 50 percent of used car purchases. In 2017, the Federal Reserve reported that a...

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Ford Ranger Raptor: Five Things You Need To Know

If that’s piqued your interest, then here are five facts about the newFord RangerRaptor that you need to know.

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