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5 Reasons Your Vehicle Is Making Grinding Noises

You are making a turn, when suddenly, your vehicle makes a grinding noise. Immediately, you panic, trying to figure what could cause your vehicle to make such a horrendous sound. Well, there could be 5...

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We have deals everybody should see!!!!

2018 is coming to an end and we have some insane incentives , rebates and deals on new and used cars!! Come by and take advantage and ride something new into 2019!!

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Congrats on the 2019 Raptor

Thanks Ryan Pool for purchasing this 2019 Raptor!! I hope you enjoy this monster of a truck and the new 2019 upgrades!!! This is a great way to go into the new year!! #bjbrownthatsme #dealz4days

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How To Rid Your Car Of Animal Odor

We love to take our pets with us as we venture out into the world. This includes muddy swamps, beaches, grassy plains and well, pretty much anywhere else our hearts desire. But this might mean that your car...

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Last minute Christmas Shopping !!!

Happy holidays to all my fb friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!! I figured I would share a Christmas song and spread some joy!!! If I can help someone with a last minute vehicle for Christmas now is the...

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I wonder how long I need to hold this truck for you!!

This is a great truck that has outperformed many of its competitors in all categories. I think it’s one that you’ll be happy with everytime you see it in your driveway. I have the keys waiting for you,come...

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