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Finance or Cash? That is the Question

For years, we thought that if we bought a car with cash, we somehow got the best deal available.  Many people believed in that idea and only bought a car when they could put down all the cash it took to buy it....

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What’s Your Score? – How to Have the Best Credit Report!

If you are interested in buying a new or previously owned vehicle one of the first things to get in order is your credit report. Finding out there are dings on your credit report when you are trying to make a purchase...

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How Much Should You Put Down on A New, Used or Leased Car?

The most common way to purchase a vehicle is through financing it. Car loans account for almost 90 percent of new car purchases and over 50 percent of used car purchases. In 2017, the Federal Reserve reported that a...

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How to handle an upside-down car loan

When you owe more than your vehicle is worth, you are upside-down, or underwater, on your car loan. This doesn’t immediately spell trouble, but it can result in less financial flexibility and security.

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Why You Need To Lighten The Load On Your Car Keys

Keychains can be fun to collect as we travel or receive as gifts, however, adding them to your car keys could ultimately hurt your vehicle. You see, adding keychains to your car keys adds weight to your...

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Can You Trade In A Vehicle When Still Owing On Your Car Loan?

You may feel as though now is the time for you to trade in your current vehicle for another, but you are worried if you can due to still owing on your car loan. This surely is a predicament to be in, but there...

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